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FFplay video output image data

Discussions about problems encountered using ffplay.
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FFplay video output image data

Postby edwinnaar » Mon May 01, 2017 5:11 pm

I am fairly new to the FFmpeg family. I have played around a bit, and love it. But lots of things still puzzle me.
I would love to know if I can specify the video output in such a way that I can use it in my own software. I wonder if I can get a MemoryBlock (Chunck of image data) that contains the current video frame image, or some pointer where the data is being stored before displayed on screen.
My goal is to let FFplay deal with the playback behind the scenes. And I want to have control over the graphics, like displaying certain data on top of the video. But mainly, being able to have the video a part of my UI, and not some external window.
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