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Add support or official patch for random filename segment.

Suggestions and feature requests, whislists, etc.

Add support or official patch for random filename segment.

Postby FloridaStream » Mon Nov 21, 2016 9:19 pm

Hi, can yours, ffmpeg users and team add support for this?

Sample usage:
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ffmpeg -i $1 -r 25 -c:a libfaac -ab:a 128k -ac:a 2 -c:v mpeg2video -s:v 640x360 -aspect:v 16:9 -map 0 -f segment -segment_time 120 -segment_list $2.m3u8 -segment_format mpegts "$2-%20r.ts"

Sample code, need fix for memory leak.

This add the code:

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            case 'r':
                percentd_found = 1;
                if (number < 0)
                    nd += 1;
                snprintf(buf1, sizeof(buf1), "%s", randstring(nd));
                len = strlen(buf1);
                if ((q - buf + len) > buf_size - 1)
                    goto fail;
                memcpy(q, buf1, len);
                q += len;
                goto addchar;

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Code: Select all

Problens with this code:
*Memory leak.
*Filename problem the r of %20r.ts is present in the filename.ts Sample: test_Ds4fg8sf5s89fd5f7440r.ts
*The live transcoding stop without error, just stop randomly after X minutes or hours.
*The file segment does not work, every segment is placed in a single segment, this ends up with several gigabites and breaks the segmentation logic.

I'm using version n2.7.7 from github repository.
I added this, but dont work as great, why ffmpeg dont have this as native? We need this. Its a very userful command.
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Re: Add support or official patch for random filename segmen

Postby llogan » Mon Nov 21, 2016 11:35 pm

You can do something like this:
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"output_$(tr -dc A-Za-z0-9 < /dev/urandom | head -c 20).ts"

We can't support old FFmpeg branches here or third-party code.

If you want FFmpeg to support outputting a random file name please provide a patch to the ffmpeg-devel mailing list or submit a feature request to the bug tracker. However, I'm not convinced that such a feature is needed or would be accepted since you can do this using additional tools as shown above.
Get an answer more quickly by providing your actual ffmpeg command and the complete console output. Use the code button to format your command and output or your question will be ignored.
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